We Will Walk On

Dear My Friends in Overseas,

Thank you for your concerns.

I’ve received all?your emails and highly appreciate your considerations in times like this.

I’m Okay.

When the earthquake hit Tokyo,I was up on the 35th floor?of high rise office building. We managed to get out of the building through the emergency exit. The high rise building itself was shaking slowly right to left. It felt like as if you are on the giant boat slowly sinking into the deep ocean.

All the transportations had to be shut down soon after the first quake, and there were thousands of people here in Tokyo had to walk a numerous amount of distance just to get home, or end up finding a temporary place to spend the night…and so on. I was one of them. But what I experienced was nothing when it is compared to?what you see on TV.?

We all have been trying our best here to recover from this horrific experience. Things still seem to be?tough. Especially for the Northen Japan area. I don’t know what to say when I think of them. But I believe that we have the strength to get through this.??I know that we can all unite together to get over these tragic moments.

We?shall overcome,

We will walk on, no matter what.

– Hiroshi